Good evening!
Maybe you doesn´t know about this. BRCONNEbla, CT -
This is an evil software controls network´s access, contents, band allocation and more. Some "specialists" say that is a poor and brute force way to control and limit the traffic and other parameters, and that´s a tool for dumb, lazy (or worse) network administrators.
By the way this monster is blocking TOR. And this is a REAL problem: i can´t access "prohibited" sites. But sex sites are almost free.
This way:
If you type in you receive a message and bla, bla, bla and the access is denied.
if you type ""you are in heaven" :lol: or if "you would know what and how to type" some barriers simply DOES NOT EXISTS :?
Other examples are when you want to make some downloads: for a while, filehippo appears to be ok. Unless you do not try to download more than a few megabytes: If you try to get VMWare Hypervisor or some linux distros you will see things like 3,600 hours or even 14 year for transfer finishing; ok the connection "falls" in less than one our.
These are some samples. I have made various searches arround internet and asked a couple of "specialists" and break my nose, because this unblessed software only appears to be poorly know in Brasil, and the others says "not to know" how to work this ¨%&$%& thing...

How can TOR bypass these trap?

Thank you!!


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