7 months ago

I want to buy some staff from Cstore? is it real or just a scame?

3 months ago

Do not trust these thieves, I attempted to purchase a phone from cstore and from the outset they looked legitimate. They offered to use any offshore escrow and btcrow if possible. I decided try btcrow since they're the most well known and they told me they don't deal with hidden services.

"We are subject to the laws of Australia, and do not accept potentially
illegal services or goods obtained illegally.
The user "cstore@tormail.pw" has more than 220 successful transactions
in our system with only three disputes.
But we know their darknet related services and are no longer accepted in
our platform.

You can use any other escrow service (Asia or Central America based)
that accepts such transactions. We are supervised by the
authorities regarding such transactions."

Reading this I thought cstore must be legit with that many successful transactions.

Long story short now after I sent my money the cstore has stopped replying to emails and btcrow are ignoring me they've run off with my money.



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