Did I set up Privoxy with I2P and Tor right?

last month

I installed Privoxy, Tor, and I2P. Then I added the following lines to the privoxy config file:

forward-socks5             / .
forward .i2p
forward 192.168.*.*/ .
forward 10.*.*.*/ .
forward 127.*.*.*/ .

Then I set my Firefox HTTP and HTTPS Proxy to on port 8118. I also set up my browser with NoScript, Adblock Plus, and the Panic Button Add-On. Everything seems to work, as I am able to visit Eepsites and Tor Hidden services, and my IP is showing up as something different from my own on check.torproject.org, and it says I'm using Tor, but I just wanted to double check to see if I have things set up well or if anyone has any suggestions for me.

NOTE: I did not set this up in the Tor Browser Bundle, this is on a normal version of Firefox.

last month

Don't use your regular browser with Tor! It keeps cookies, saved passwords, unique ID3-tags from cache and many other things that could compromise your anonymity. Every time you visit a site that has Google Analytics code on it (even torforum.org has it), your browser tracks unique identifier. And when you browse anonymously via Tor, it still sends this identifier. So if you ever used your browser for Facebook or Gmail or any other site that requires registration - bye-bye, anonymity. Even if you didn't - you are still in trouble.

And even with wiped history, cookies, cache and with NoScript plugin your browser still appears to be unique:

So Tor Browser Bundle is not about giving you secure and properly configured browser, it's about giving you just ANOTHER browser.

last month

You can use -profile switch with your firefox to separate cookies/cache/etc.

Private Mode is also an option.


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