Downloading data via server

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I need to download data from a server using TOR. I start Tor normally through vidalia. When I use python command via IDE it shows me, that my IP is changed, but when I use the same script via cmd it shows my true IP.
Can you tell me, will my IP be changed when I connect to the server or not?

this is the script I use to verify my IP:
from stem.util import term
import urllib

def query(url):
return urllib.urlopen(url).read()
return "Unable to reach %s" % url

print term.format(query(""), term.Color.BLUE)

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How do you torify python?

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I've tried with code found on this web page: ... g-socksipy . Unfortunately it always showed "unable to reach". So I have only launched Vidalia and hoped it torifies what needed to be torified.

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Vidalia doesn't even attempt to torrify other applications. No offense, but it sounds like you need to read up on the basics of how Tor works before you try something like this. That said, I would suggest you either do everything from inside a torrified VM like Whonix, or if anonymity is not critical you might try something like freecap.


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