exit relay: Vidalia and torrc settings do not match

3 days ago


I am running a TOR relay on a raspberry pi, running raspbian. I initially edited /etc/tor/torrc to do a setup of basic relay, and that appeared to be working. I then installed vidalia, and modified the settings in vidalia to run an exit relay. However, when I check torrc, there are no changes that indicate to me that it is configured to run as an exit relay. So, I'm wondering, where is vidalia getting its settings from? Also, I'm running arm and looking vidalia's network usage graph side by side and while arm shows network activity, vidalia shows none.

I have configured a hashed password for the control port of tor.

Any ideas? Thank you,

last year

Thanks all for the extensive responses. I believe what is happening is that when vidalia was starting it was setting up or trying to set up a separate TOR server on the same machine.

last year

$ ps ax | grep "tor" | wc -l

Shows you how many times tor is running.

last month

$ ps ax | grep "tor" | wc -l

Shows you how many times tor is running.
"TOR Hacker"Sorry, but this writes how many times is running any program whith string tor in command line. In my computer e.g. commands|programs gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor and grep tor, too.

3 weeks ago

pidof tor
shows pids of all tor commands.
(I.e. if it writes 1 number, there is 1 instance of tor running; if it writes 2 numbers, there are 2 instances of tor running, if it writes nothing, no tor is running etc...)


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