Exit relay with PeerBlock?



I have installed Tor with Vidalia Control Panel and set in "Sharing" the Option "Relay traffic for the Tor network (exit relay)" and the CheckBox "Mirror the Relay Directory" (on Port 9030, which I forward in my router, also the 9001 Port).
As "Exit Policies" I have disabled only "Misc Other Services".

But beside this, I have installed PeerBlock and I have as filter lists "P2P", "Spyware" and "Advertising".

Now from time to time I see some blocked IPs in PeerBlock, which obviously are coming from Tor, not from me (like from my Browser etc.).

Is this senseful to use Tor, when I anyway block all these IPs?
Does this mean, that other Tor-users are blocked like this, with my cautious filtering?
Better not to use the Mirror Relay Dir?

Thank for hints


last year

That doesn't sound good. I believe it is as you suspect and this means Tor users are getting blocked by your filter, doubtless causing some annoyance. The directory relay thing shouldn't be a problem, but it might be better to just be a non-exit relay. If you're running this at home, being an exit relay may not be a real good idea anyway; you could be blamed for something bad someone did through Tor.

last year

Oh, that was my fear anyway, but tell me how should tor work, if nobody wants to be an exit relay?
Somebody must do it. Yes I use it at home, Germany, o2 provider.
I have thought that when I uncheck the "misc other service" than I am not in danger of unlawful things, am I?

But as I don't want to shut off my filter I will deactivate the exit point. I don't want to be a annoying exit point neither :)

last year

You're right of course that someone has to be an exit, but take a look at the Tor Project's advice on the subject. It's not something you want to rush into. I actually did run an exit node at home in the earlier days on the Tor network and I never got any official complaints, legal trouble or anything serious, but I did get my IP banned on many popular websites.

And remember, only a third of the network capacity needs to be exit nodes. Actually less, because hidden services use more relays, but none have to be exits. So running a non-exit relay is still very helpful.

last year

Oh, thank.
Yes, I noticed already some sort of blocking. I couldn't edit anymore Wikipedia articles and other things like this.

I deactivated the exit relay yesterday, but running tor (even if I don't need it oftenly) all the time my pc is running.
I use Vidalia and Privoxy as in older times, but actual tor.

Thank for the clarification.


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