How can you manually use proxy without turning off Tor?

last year

Hi. Please see the screenshot images that I attached.

When I use Tor Browser, the Tor button next to the address bar says "Tor Disabled" whenever try to manually setup a certain HTTP/HTTPS proxy ip address. Is there any possible way to use a certain proxy address without disabling Tor?

If it says "Tor Disabled", does that mean that your computer is connected to the proxy server without going through Tor?

last year

Tor opens its own socks5 proxy on localhost, so you cannot put in your browser both.

To use your normal HTTP/HTTPS proxy settings you should 'torify' your browser from outside, means route all it's traffic transparently to Tor. I am not sure this could be easily done on Windows, but there are many such kind of programs: SocksCap, FreeCap, WinPCap, .. You can google which one of them works with Firefox.

Another way to 'torify' browser is to use VirtualBox setup like They have Debian Linux distribution in a virtual box image, with mail, browser and everything inside. So you can use their browser (which is also Firefox) as "normally" (means put there your HTTP/S proxy settings) and also be sure all traffic that leaves this Virtual Machine is first routed to Tor.

Connection scheme:
Browser -> Tor -> Tor Exit Node -> HTTP proxy -> destination site.

Third way is to have a router such as Raspberry Onion Pi Tor, or to route it manually via route table


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