How can you manually use proxy without turning off Tor?

8 months ago

Hi. Please see the screenshot images that I attached.

When I use Tor Browser, the Tor button next to the address bar says "Tor Disabled" whenever try to manually setup a certain HTTP/HTTPS proxy ip address. Is there any possible way to use a certain proxy address without disabling Tor?

If it says "Tor Disabled", does that mean that your computer is connected to the proxy server without going through Tor?

8 months ago

Tor opens its own socks5 proxy on localhost, so you cannot put in your browser both.

To use your normal HTTP/HTTPS proxy settings you should 'torify' your browser from outside, means route all it's traffic transparently to Tor. I am not sure this could be easily done on Windows, but there are many such kind of programs: SocksCap, FreeCap, WinPCap, .. You can google which one of them works with Firefox.

Another way to 'torify' browser is to use VirtualBox setup like They have Debian Linux distribution in a virtual box image, with mail, browser and everything inside. So you can use their browser (which is also Firefox) as "normally" (means put there your HTTP/S proxy settings) and also be sure all traffic that leaves this Virtual Machine is first routed to Tor.

Connection scheme:
Browser -> Tor -> Tor Exit Node -> HTTP proxy -> destination site.

Third way is to have a router such as Raspberry Onion Pi Tor, or to route it manually via route table


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