Java plugin not working

last month

Hi, so i have this strange problem.

I am using Firefox with the Tor browser to get around a block and the site loads and everything but the java puglin will NOT run, I know I have the current java installed, I have checked many many times.

My guess is that Firefox Tor is not detecting my java plugin and therefore i can access the site I want but the java features of it do not run at all.

I need help finding a way to enable Java plugins on Firefox Tor browser. Can someone help me?

last month

Torbrowser disables plug-ins such as java because they're a security risk. Though if you're only trying to bypass block, not stay anonymous, this may be less of a concern for you. (Of course if bypassing this block is illegal...) Anyway, I believe you can turn this feature off in Torbutton's preferences.

last month

Try Tails or (even better) Whonix.

Whonix is a VirtualBox's guest system with all network traffic transparently routed to Tor. Inside that Box you can freely install any plugins, Flash, even trojan horses and rootkits - they will never know your real IP address.


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