Losing login session/cookie once logged in

last year

Running TOR 3.5 now

I log in as usual now with my username and password to a sportsnews site. I login successfully. However, once I go to the frontpage or the forums it doesnt recognize me and just thinks Im some anonymous web surfer. If I try to post or anything it wants me to log back in. Then it goes to the login page and shows that Im still logged in as my original account.

Was running TOR 2.x with Vidalia and never had this problem.

I tried turning off cookies, but no difference.

Anyone know of any possible solutions?


8 months ago

I have the same issue with multiple web sites, especially web forums, where I am constantly having to login again and again. I believe this has something to do with the regular intervals where Tor tears down and rebuilds a circuit and the exit node changes.

If anyone has found a way to resolve this issue please share.

7 months ago

I don't know if this tip applies to that particular website. But if a "remember me" or "log me in each time I visit" option is available, checking that will often help.


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