Montreal Police dept can still monitor all my emails

last year

I started to use the Tor Vidalia bundle since the Montreal Police department monitored all my previous emails and contacted EVERYBODY I communicated with to be their informant and saboteur.

I've noticed that since the creation of new email accounts through Tor, they STILL have the means to intercept and monitor my emails. I've be making contacts with completely new people.

I'm not doing anything illegal, yet they constantly badger and coerce everyone I contact to be one of their informants and saboteurs. Is their a better solution to my problem?

Thnx guys.

last year

And what if you just use any public Wi-Fi?

Did you make new accounts on the same server? Maybe they have access to it and can read every message passing?

Or maybe they monitor your buddies, not you?

Also, you can have some traces on your computer. Try to re-install system, or boot from USB-pen like


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