noob with tor, simple problem im sure

3 months ago

Ive setup an old vista desktop and downloaded the tor bundle so I can access websites my ISP blocks, however I cannot access these sites such as As I say I am new to this so I'm sure I'm missing something simple here...? Would really appreciate any ideas and suggestions, I notice two recent and similar threads with no success that doesn't bode well :\

This is slightly off topic in regard to a different browser but I feel it maybe related and may shed some light... The odd thing is that I can access this site (as well as others) through the opera browser whilst in turbo mode YET strangely it only works on an old win7 laptop, so when I download opera on this vista PC or another win7 desktop I have and use turbo mode I can't get through to the same websites, I've never changed any browser settings other than turning on turbo mode.


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