ORBOT in Androi 4.2.2

3 months ago

Hi everyone!
Could anyone help me configuring ORBOT? I have tried really hard but can't make it work, it used to get stuck at 85% and now 5% is the most I can get.
Scenario: I need to use calendar and email apps IOT organize my work. I work on a big company, internet is available over WiFi after configuring proper IP, proxy and port. I can then access internet trough browser, after inserting my username:password. It is limited on accessible websites, which is not a big concern (DHCP, I think?)
Android is unable to use this internet for apps. A known limitation.
Can anyone tell me how to configure ORBOT to make these apps work and maintain access through browser?
Would really appreciate any help.

3 months ago

Come on everyone! I'm sure someone knows how to do this! Please, help? :)


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