Orbot secure?

last year

How secure is Orbot really? Wouldn't there be some info to identify you as your cellphone sends the signal to the tower regardless if you are using Orbot or not?

My understanding is what you do on Orbot is secure to an extent, but you are by no means anonymous as they know you're on Orbot and who you are and doubt many are running it on my cell tower, or any nearby for that matter.

Any insight or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. And I guess the same applies to Tor and ISP as well. I've also noticed when connecting to twitter, that Orbot either freezes or goes off a lot?

last year

Indeed. Your ISP, or cellular carrier can tell you use Tor (or Orbot). If you're in a nominally free country (as opposed to one of those that doesn't even bother to pretend) this is probably OK. They can see you're using Tor, but not what you're using it for, at least that's the idea.

But Orbot is also somewhat more experimental I think. For instance the same update that fixed the heartbleed bug in Orbot also fixed a potentially serious leak where applications might send a "connection finished" message in the clear instead of through Tor as Tor was shutting down. So for anything really sensitive, I would definitely use desktop Tor instead of Orbat, given a choice.


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