Pango Warning Error

4 months ago

I am having a problem starting the Tor Browser 3.6.5 using Ubuntu 12.04 and I also received the same error on a fresh hardware install of Ubuntu 14.04. When I start the Tor Browser, I am greeted with a dialog box that has boxes but no text. The terminal error is this: (firefox:24739): Pango-WARNING **: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Segoe UI 11'. When I click the top button another dialog box appears briefly again with no text, then the browser launches, however, I am unable to use the keyboard in the browser and there is no text on the browser's toolbar or in the right click menu, however text is displayed in the browser window and links are clickable. This seems to be a problem exclusive to Ubuntu. I run the Tor Browser with no difficulties in Linux Mint 17 and Windows 7. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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