Pinterest found a bot when using Tor, apparently

7 months ago

I went to pinterest on Tor and I got this message:

Uh oh! We've found a bot

It looks like there's a bot running on your network. Send us a message with your IP address and we'll help you get going again.

Your IP is:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Could this be this real, or just some kind of mistake because Tor is different to other browsers?

7 months ago

Either they're just using that as a generic "undesirable IP" message and they're intentionally blocking Tor, or it's just because a "bot" (whatever that means in this context) used the same exit node in the past and got the IP blacklisted. It's extremely unlikely this refers to anything out of the ordinary on your computer, if that's what you were worried about.

3 months ago

Try it a few times and you'll succeed.
Definitely nothing is wrong with your machine :D


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