2 months ago


i use the default tor browser bundle from a usb drive and want to add my private proxy after connecting regularly to the tor network because a lot of website just block all tor exit nodes.

can someone help?

2 months ago

it has to work like this: me -> tor -> private proxy -> website

NOT: me -> private proxy -> tor -> website

the website only gets the ip of my own proxy, not of the tor exit node!


2 months ago

Yes, this is possible.

There are several different types of proxy. Tor acts like SOCKS-proxy, and also you'll need some WEBSITE-proxy, like or

To chain Tor with other kinds of proxy (HTTP is the most common) you'll need a way to torify the whole browser, and then put HTTP-proxy settings inside it. Let's say you want to use

you -> tor -> http proxy

Run your browser via torify:

$ torify  /usr/bin/firefox

then open Tools -> Options -> Network -> Connection Settings, and put there your HTTP proxy.

2 months ago

hey, thanks for helping but i have some questions.

why do i need a website proxy? i want to connect after tor to a private proxy thats not detectable.

isn't the default tor browser bundle already torified?
in the tor browser bundle i can open vadilias control panel: 'options -> network' and there are 3 options:

1. i use a proxy to connect to the internet
2. firewall only allows certain ports
3. my provider blocks tor

i guess i should select the first option and add the proxy. but how will it work?

like that: me -> proxy -> tor -> website
or like that: me -> tor -> proxy -> website (thats what i want)


2 months ago

i just tried it.

unfortunately it connect with the proxy first... :/ is there no simple solution like adding something to "torrc" file with the proxy information?

2 months ago

Default Tor Browser Bundle's behavior is
you -> proxy -> tor -> website.
And this is not what you want.

That's why you shold not use your Proxy Settings from Tor Browser Bundle. You should torify the whole browser instead, despite

"torify" applications like Mozilla Firefox is no longer recommend

(from Torify Howto). Not recommended but still works.

The other way is to use Virtual Machine that transparently routes all it's traffic to Tor. See for details - this is probably the most secure solution available.

In the Virtual Machine you will have everything already "torified", the whole guest OS. So if you put in browser your private proxy settings, you'll get exactly what you need: you -> tor -> proxy -> website.

The third way is to set up manually TUN-interface that routes everything to Tor, and use it to access internet. But this is exactly the same that 'torify' does.

2 months ago

thanks for trying to help but i cant get it done.

first i tried it with whonix and tails in a virtual machine but it wont work. the browsers just ignore the proxy configuration and force every connection JUST through tor and thats it.

then i read the whole tor faq and the 'torify how to' even twice but i cant get it done...
i don't get how to torify the torbrowser.?! the torbrowser has many security patches which firefox doesnt have so i should use it anyway... and even if i know how to torify the browser... where do i get the "standalone" torbrowser without vidalia/tor???

isn't there a simple way to add or edit something in the "torrc" of the tor browser bundle or to install an addon that proxychains after exiting the tor exit node? i would prefer everything to stay "portable" anyway, so i can use it from the usb stick.

i'm really desperate right now cause it took me over 12 hours for nothing... just nothing... :(

2 months ago

first i tried it with whonix and tails in a virtual machine but it wont work. the browsers just ignore the proxy configuration and force every connection JUST through tor and thats it.
This is very strange.

How did you manage to fail with Whonix, can you please explain it in more detail? Did you put your own proxy settings to iceweasel? And? It completely ignores it's proxy settings? Just like that? Are you sure?

2 months ago

TOR Hacker is right, you should torify the whole browser and put your private proxy settings inside it.

If the Internet program you are using does not have a socks proxy option you can use Sockscap to make it support socks proxy. Here is a tutorial showing how to use Sockscap.

Just imagine your browser doesn't support proxy (because you're already using it's proxy settings page, and there is no other one).

So the whole thing you need is to 'proxify' your browser with proxy provided by Tor. There are a lot of programms to do this: WideCap, OpenCap, SocksCap, ... Full list is here:

2 months ago

thanks both of you for helping! i got it! :) i just used proxifier :)

but i got another short question.

vidalia closes automaticly after exiting torbrowser (TBB). how do i stop that? i want vidalia go on, even without the torbrowser (windows)

2 months ago

and how to run vidalia/tor 2 times at the same time? (windows)

i use the tor browser bundle and edited the "torrc" file, so that tor just chooses certain exit nodes (like only us ips) and it works just perfectly fine

but i want to use thunderbird with tor as well but WITHOUT that exit-node-rule i mentioned above.

it seems like the simplest way is to run vidalia/tor 2 times parallel but independent of each other.

would be really nice of u guys if you could explain me how to do this :)

2 months ago

Just copy the whole Bundle to another folder, and change ports from 9050 and 9051 to, say, 8050 and 8051 everywhere.

2 months ago

where exactly do i have to change this?

in the thunderbird proxy settings? tor browser? torrc file?


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