Send ALL traffic to tor

3 months ago

Hi all.
I'm new in this forum. I can't find nothing useful with the search option, so I decided to start a new thead.
I would like to setup a VirtualBox machine that sends all its traffic through tor.
I'm using Debian squeeze, and I have installed tor correctly.
I followed instruction in this page, and all works fine, but...

during a browsing session, I have noticed traffic destinated to non-tor IP.
I think that the reason is that the iptables rules are bounded to a specific user, so I modified the ruleset without the username specification, but in that way I have the rule

iptables -t filter -A OUTPUT -j DROP

that blocks all traffic...
Is there another way to send all traffic to tor?
I tried to insert a rule to block all tor non-related traffic, but I can't understand how to avoid to block tor traffic itself!!!
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.

3 months ago

These projects use same approach (Sending ALL traffic from VirtualBox to Tor):

3 months ago

Thank you very much!!!


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