Set up the browser for proxy now i can't connect to tor

4 months ago

I needed to view a website while connected to tor from another country and because of the tor network ip i couldn't do it. So i set up a proxy on the browser.
Now the browser won't connect to the tor network. It says it can't find the proxy network connection even though i checked the NO PROXY box and deleted all the proxy addresses on the browser.
How do i use proxy on tor?
I also checked my ip on aruljohn while connected to tor and proxy and my original ip showed.
How can i change that?
Thanks guys

4 months ago

The easiest way is to go from Tor to a website proxy like or

If you want to chain http proxy after Tor, you should put http proxy settings in your browser, and then route all browser's traffic through Tor by either torify or iptables, which is not trivial.

Please refer to this: ... arentProxy

So, the full scheme: Browser thinks it uses 'normal' proxy and knows nothing about Tor. And you catch all browser's traffic and transparently route it through Tor, like it is made for programs that don't support proxy.


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