Some issues

2 weeks ago

Hi all,

I have set up Tor, as a client, to find out how it works and if I like it. As suggested I downloaded and installed the latest Tor-bundle.

Okay, it is slow which I understand and accept.

According to the information on the download page Vidalia is installed within the bundle, but I see no traces of it: when I search my computer for it I find some txt-files with a changelog and errors.

Very annoying is that Tor changes the fonts of some websites:

- while using internet banking the fonts change where ever I click to change/add something;
- after opening e.g. an article on my site the fonts of the menu are changed: ... otest-1989

Click the menu and you'll see what I mean. Clicking Welkom changes the fonts back.

Furthermore you can see on that page that an integrated You Tube video doesn't show. I know we need to use html5-viewer to watch most YT-videos but this one is inegrated in de site.

Probably my problems are caused by me, a Tor-newbie. So hopefully someone can help me solving them.

KR, Leo

2 weeks ago

I believe the newest version of the Tor Browser Bundle do not use Vidalia, but it wouldn't surprise me if there are still some outdated references to it on the website. The Relay Bundle etc. are still based on Vidalia, but they don't include a browser.

Speaking of which I think it's important to note that most any defect you see on websites isn't caused by Tor, as such, but the included browser (a customized version of Firefox). Usually these limitations are the result of changes made for better security. For instance you can turn on plug-ins if you want, by clicking the Tor (onion) icon in the browser and going to presences->security settings, and that will probably make the video work, but it also has the potential to expose your identity.

And I'm afraid I couldn't figure out what you meant about changing fonts, It's a bit hard to tell since I don't know how the page was supposed to look originally, but I suppose it's a similar problem.


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