Some sites ban TOR

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Hey all !!

I've seen that some sites are blocking TOR IPs, maybe someone used TOR to do evil stuff there.

So in order to access those sites anonymously, what can be done?

I don't want to use just a VPN , as it's not really anonymous ( it will know my real IP ).

Is it possible to use VPN on top of TOR ?
Or ad additional proxy layer over TOR?

my Computer => TOR => TOR exit node => Proxy => Website

last month

Yes, it is possible to chain Tor with tunnels like VPNs, proxies and SSH.
Your traffic can be sent through both Tor and the second tunnel, in either order.

You -> Tor -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Internet
You -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Tor -> Internet

However, this is an advanced topic and appropriate only for special cases. Adding a second connection does not automatically add security, but will add significant complexity. Improper combination of Tor and another service may even decrease your security and anonymity.

Tor avoids using more than one relay belonging to the same operator in the circuits it is building. Tor also avoids using Tor relays that are within the same network by not using relays within the same /16 subnet. Tor however does not take into account your real external IP nor destination IP addresses.

So when adding any extra proxy server to this connection plan, you should take extra measures to ensure it doesn't belong to the same network/provider as any of Tor nodes in your circuit. Perhaps manually pick your Tor relays, or limit them by Country.

And choose your tunnel providers wisely. Find out in which physical and legal jurisdiction and network their servers are located.

Also, when you are hiding your IP from your tunnel provider (by using Tor), that usually means you also want to hide all other personal information as well. Obtaining a server anonymously is a separate sophisticated topic which I'd not to discuss here.

The third (but not least) thing to mention is that in this scheme all your requests for destination Website will come from the same IP address (IP of your proxy/VPN/SSH), thus negatively affecting your anonymity and making you rather pseudonymous, not anonymous.

Useful links (mostly for ssh -D because this is the simplest way):

You'll need plink.exe from Putty command line tools to create a ssh tunnel, and 'torify' it the same way as for pscp in the last example.

3 months ago

Thanks man, very useful info and very long answer.

"And choose your tunnel providers wisely. Find out in which physical and legal jurisdiction and network their servers are located."
Well, it sucks that you have to blindly trust a VPN provider , knowing that they will log you with 99.99% chance, as in most countries they are forced to do that by law.

We are hackers , we must be smart and find real and "clean" solutions to the problems.
We should technically have control over things, rather than blindly trust the others.


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