Tails and ssh/vpn

last year

is it possible to use in Tails (without vm) ssh tunnel or vpn ?

connection tails--> tor --> ssh/vpn ---> site

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For SSH it should be something like this:

$ torify ssh -D 8080 user@remote.host

ssh -D creates SOCKS5 proxy on port 8080 (known as "ssh tunneling")
torify ... wraps the above command with Tor (see ssh over Tor)

last year

can You explain me it with details, im a little beginner :)
tutorial will be great

last year

1) Wait until it fully connects to Tor
2) Run this command in command shell (replace user@remote.host with actual username and hostname of your SSH account):
$ torify ssh -D 8080 user@remote.host

3) It will asks for ssh password. Enter it.
4) Open browser and put these proxy settings: Type: SOCKS5, Host: localhost, Port:8080
5) Enjoy.

The traffic will flow like this: Browser -> localhost:8080 -> tor -> tor exit node -> ssh.host -> target website.

Target website will see only ssh.host's IP, and ssh.host will see Tor exit node's IP. Beware ssh.host can still de-anon you by your payment/register information. (or how did you get this ssh account?)

last year


should i run it in terminal or root terminal ?

i will pay by btc so payment will be anonymous
i must only find good ssh, most providers have only vpn

tell me pls also one more thing

tails--> first tor node --> second tor node ---> exit tor node ---> ssh ---> target

ssh encryption will be from tor exit node to ssh server ?
or from tails, trough tor nodes (ssh ecryption inside tor encryption) to ssh server ?

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3 weeks ago

torify doesn't need root.

ssh encryption will be from tails, through tor nodes, to ssh server. And since each node in circuit adds one level of encryption, your already encrypted ssh traffic will be encrypted 3 more times by Tor.


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