Tor exit node and Google captcha

7 months ago

I am running a Tor router with an exit node on my Internet connection. My problem is that Google requires response to a captcha every time I send a request and this is a real nuisance.
I am normally not using Tor myself for my own searches.
Is there any way to stop only Google-searches from exiting my node?
Tanks in advance for any tip.

6 months ago

I hate to say it, but running an exit node at home may not be a good idea.
But details about configuring the ExitPolicy option can be found here:
You'll need to know which IP addresses to block, but after a cursory investigation it looks like might do the trick.

6 months ago

Thanks a lot
I have added
ExitPolicy reject
to my torrc and will soon see if it helps
(The last few days I have only had the Tor-router running nights.)


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