Tor with Firefox and Google Problem

2 weeks ago

Hi, I was able to get Tor to run on Firefox by adjusting Network Settings. It seems like Firefox will only run when Tor is open though. When I closed Tor, Firefox would not connect to other sites, and it told me there was something wrong with my proxy connection.

The other thing is that when I was using Tor on Firefox, I visited Google several times until it stopped me, saying that it had detected unusual traffic from my machine. Then it asked me to verify that I wasn't a robot. It listed my IP address, and for a second it looked like it wasn't my Tor generated identity, it was my actual IP address (I could be wrong about this - I tried again later and it listed my Tor IP, but the first time it looked like my actual IP). Can Google get through Tor to see your real address?

I tried going on Google again and it gives me a different message now, "We're Sorry: but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

2 weeks ago

Google throws unique identifier to every browser. Not only Google site, but all google code: YouTube Embedded videos, Google+ "share" buttons, Google Analytics code, Adsense blocks etc. Many chances that your browser have already got this unique ID and now every your visit Google knows this is not your first time. If so, then Google definitely knows all different IP addresses, that browser with unique ID have used so far.

one week ago

i was going to make a thread about this, but saw my problem here already. as for me i get the same message about traffic, and have to type in the image verification code. even when i do it correctly it does not work. though for my it still shows the TOR IP, and not my own. but i can't use google anymore. is there anyway around this?

one week ago

Delete all cookies & get New Identity. If no - again New Identity.

Somebody is parsing Google from TOR Exit nodes, that's why many IPs got blacklisted.

4 days ago

There's not much you can do about this. Almost all Tor exit nodes seem to have unusual traffic according to google. Sometimes they'll let you continue if you solve a CAPTCHA, but not always. Your best bet may be to just use a different search engine, Startpage and duckduckgo seem popular choices but more traditional options like Bing or Yahoo will probably work fine too. Google seems to be the strictest.


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