[TorMail] password restrictions

5 months ago

I tried to sign up for the tormail-Service.

But it doesn't accept my strong(!) password.

The problem is that there is no information about what kind of password tormail accepts. And the admin doesn't answer for over one month.

Maybe one of you know the answer?

5 months ago

I don't know the answer, but this is not so difficult to figure out.

Common restrictions are:
maximum and minimum length (I think this is your case - just try shorter password)
illegal characters: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, some punctuation chars, all punctuation chars, some extra chars (tilde, pound, star...), all printable ASCII, all ASCII (0..128), non-ASCII (0..256), UTF-8 ....
illegal combination: all password in lowercase, starts with space, contains only numbers, ...

So just try several combinations and you easilly find the correct one. )

5 months ago

But it doesn't accept my strong(!) password.

This is very bad idea to use same password on different services. You should never have such thing as "my password", even strong.


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