last year

ok , just downloaded this yesterday... it seems like when you go to a site which uses/requires flash, you have to download it... i read in their Terms of use not to download flash, or something like that...

so, how do I go about using the TOR browser whereby I am FULLY protected, but can still use any website, still use flash and all those add ons? and also I use torrents as well

thanks to any help

last year

im also getting this error message when i load up tor browser...:

'Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.'

i went into the port settings and its configured to: directed to port number: 9150

i take it this is wrong as I am getting no connection?

last year

The only way to be fully (or as fully as possible) protected and still using Flash etc, is to sandbox the whole OS by using something like Whonix. I would still consider this comparatively high-risk. but as long as you only want it for general privacy not because the government is out to get you or anything, it's probably fine.


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