Your server has not managed to confirm its ORPort is reacha

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I've been running a tor relay (non-exit) on windows 7 for the last couple of months with no issues. I've confirmed previously that my tor relay was listed in vidalia's 'view network' and I have confirmed my relay is being used with vidalia's 'view bandwidth' when I haven't been personally using tor. Over the last couple of days however I've been unable to establish a relay - in the tor message log I get 'xxx [Warning] Your server xxx has not managed to confirm that its ORPort is reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address, /etc/hosts file, etc.'

I can confirm according to the tor log the DirPort xxx:9030 is reachable, however the ORPort xxx:443 is not reachable. I have re-downloaded the tor browser bundle then dropped/recreated the port forwarding for both ports xxx:9030 and xxx:443. I've even turned off windows firewall but still get the message the ORPort is unreachable. Using a web port-scanning tool it confirms my xxx:443 port is open:

I'm lost here and want to contribute, any ideas?

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Try ORPort 9001 or some other big number (>1024). Often this helps.

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Thanks for your suggestion, it worked. I changed the ORPort to a high, obscure number then my port forwarding to reflect it and my relay's back up :D


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