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In the game of crypto, we're all exposed - Tor no exception.

  archway   4 months ago

The feds are making some interesting moves in the grand game of crypto-chess. Last month they were warning that our use of crypto was going to impede law enforcement.
But this month we're seeing this: ... te-1516795 ...

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Window size with js disabled

  32416183907   3 months ago

Does window size matter if we have JS disabled? Since the only way I know of to get browser size is JS I just want the screen to be bigger.

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Attackers wield Firefox exploit to uncloak anonymous Tor use

  archway   4 months ago

Attackers wield Firefox exploit to uncloak anonymous Tor users
Publicly available exploit threatens all Tor users unless they take action now.
This helps explain how the FBI got in. Anybody using software that auto-updates can have something like this slipstreamed into their updates.
ht ...

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TOR is NOT secure enough for illegal activity - Don't do it.

  archway   4 months ago

Get over it, folks. If it is illegal, you shouldn't do it. Period. When you are on the Internet you might as well be writing for the front page of an international newspaper. Get over it. Live decent lives instead of wasting them away. Go to school. Be useful to society. Pay taxes. You know ...

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WHERE I can get cheapest XRumer + BlogsPlugin??

  SherylasGirm   4 months ago

WHERE I can download cheapest XRumer + SocPlugin?
It is really new powerful tool for SEO, I'm want it, so help me plz if it possible... Thnk!
Mostly I need SocPlugin - it unique tool for Facebook promotion, break all captchas and protections....
(it's included in XRumer 12 official pa ...

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Using Tor with VPN - comprehension question

  ManInTheMiddle   last year

Hi all,
i refer to an explanation from the homepage of the Linux Distribution Tails:
Some users have requested support for VPNs in Tails to "improve" Tor's anonymity. You know, more hops must be better, right?. That's just incorrect -- if anything VPNs make the situation worse since they bas ...

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Is there a way to have TOR encryption on the server?

  archway   4 months ago

It seems to me that TOR has a major failing in that after the exit node the connection to the server is in the clear. Is there some way to run TOR all the way end to end?
Also, take a look at this post: ...

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How I can get torrent XRumer + BlogsPlugin??

  SherylasGirm   5 months ago

How to get for free XRumer 12.0.12?
It is really new powerful tool for marketing, I'm want it, so help me please if it possible... Thank
At first, I need SocPlugin - it unique tool for Facebook promotion, break all captchas and protections.!
(it's included in XRumer 12 official packag ...

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why is google search page popping up on some sites?

  oModgUR   6 months ago

there is a site i used to be able to goto with tor. i just updated to latest 5.02 and when i goto the site it brings up a "google search" page.
however, i can goto the site without tor or using vpn connection.
is this issue coming from the site or tor? that is, does the site detec ...

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All the RSA keys will be replaced by Ed25519 keys?

  TORsurfer   6 months ago

Are these keys more secure? I run a relay server powered by tor.exe v0.2.7.2-alpha and I saw 4 new Ed25519 keys in my keys folder. ...

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Read this before you visit any sites with the TOR browser!

  TORques   6 months ago

The purpose of this guide is to help you to setup TBB to surf as safe as possible.
Install TOR browser bundle and check your anonymity at:
On the Embeddings tab check Forbid Java, Forbid adobe flash, Forbid microsoft silverlight, F ...

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do not hide location or give pseudeo location

  yekta   6 months ago

my name is yekta and I am from germany. so sorry for my bad english.
for some websites for me it is necessary the tor will not hide my location or
that i can give a pseudo location to my browser.
I use tor with privoxy and polipo.
Are there any possibilities to realize this ? ...

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Be aware of "Fake documents service" = fraud

  Berliner   7 months ago

Be aware of "Fake documents service" = fraud
After transfer all the money they will stop communicating with you !!!!
this is the main website & Email but they have few more:
Web Site: http://fakeidscpc4zz6c4.onion/index.shtml

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Questions on true anonymous Internet connection

  awesome   7 months ago

Guys, I am going to run tails from my USB to my MacBook while using AES-256-CBC military grade encrypting that will be applied twice to access tor using my school's WiFi. Is this as anonymous as I could go if not please help me make it even more secure and more anonymous with your intellectual tips. ...

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!!Need help - pedophile i our neighborhood

  Feliks06   7 months ago

Hi all,
We're totally frightened about a pedophile who's searching our neighborhood.
He has 2 years old son - that little guy is always screaming and crying, while his nanny is off.
Please help us! Polish police department is totally unreliable!
Only hope with you guys and girls!

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Keeping files and stuff

  yOuGoTpUnChEd   7 months ago

Does Tor saves cookies, thumbnails or information of the things i visit/see on the internet using Tor?
I remember i saw this somewhere, but i do not remember where so i just wanna ask to be sure.
If i go online using Tor and read something, see an image or even a video, does that leave evide ...

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Questions related to OpenDNS

  pabben   7 months ago

Our router at home runs OpenDNS and it blocks off certain websites through a filter. I bypass this blocking of websites through using Tor. My question is, does OpenDNS have a function wherein it can view my browser history? And if so, does Tor bypass this browser activity logging that OpenDNS does? ...

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Using Tor with other programs (feed reader)

  Inform   7 months ago

Iam using the Tor Browser Bundle. Now I would like to route my feed reader over tor. So, I put in the proxy data: and 9050
First, it is not working Dont I have to enable Tor somehow? or is it enough to start the Browser Bundle?
Second, isn't it unsafe to use a program ...

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Still safe?

  atvermeer   7 months ago

I installed tor a few days ago and one of my favorite websites only seems to work when I put it on the whitelist and make sure that 'apply these restrictions to whitelisted site too' box under embeddings is unchecked and if I allowe either third party cookies or recording of browser date, but I'm no ...

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Using Tor on an IPv6 connected ISP

  itcouldbeany1   8 months ago

Hello all!
I am running Linux and sometimes I use a virtual machine as a "Tor middlebox", like described here: ... or-network
My ISP has announced switching to IPv6 and ds-lite soon. I know that there are going to be massive changes alon ...

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