Detecting proxy

last year

I have installed squid+privoxy with tor on my computer. Everything seems to be running fine beside the speed. But that is the downside of running tor. I have a question. Is it possible to configure privoxy and or tor to not show up as a proxy server?

Here is my situation. I live outside of the USA and I would like to listen to the radio stations online. However, FCC restrict access to listen to online radio. Now if this is the case, shouldn't it pertain to ALL radio stations? I am able to listen to some of the radio stations but not all.

Since my ip shows up in USA by the exiting node, I can theoretically listen to the stations, but it is still detecting that I am outside of the USA but the ip that shows up is in USA. I am guessing that their software is detecting that I am using a proxy server and that prevents me from accessing the stations online.

last year

If you have java,javascript or flash enabled they can detect your real non usa ip anyway. that might be the case.


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