Possible to obscure traffic from ISP/local router?

5 months ago

Hey all, I don't have a readily available networking specialist to ask this of so here goes:

Goal: obscure all internet traffic in/out of my main desktop to/from my router/isp.

Conceptualization: Run an Ethernet cord from my pc to a router(not sure if this term applies) serving as a proxy/gateway/??, which would shoot requests/data through TOR, then have that hooked into my local ISP router(I use verizon fios).

Clearly I am not to sure of the correct terms here, but I have the idea right, just looking for someone who can explain the right terms and/or the feasibility and proper implementation of a system like this. Any info is greatly appreciated!!!!

-edit- While making this post I came up with at least one major issue with this idea. That being: how would the interim proxy/gateway/?? going through TOR GET to TOR...still holding out some hope though that some mildly intelligent human can set me straight on this.


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