U.S. Government based income 60%

2 months ago


is there any thread about the relation between security and theU.S. Government based income which was in 2011 60%?
I didn't find this in the forum (the search doesn't work here in this forum, all words are "too common").

It seems obvious to me, that a project fincanced to 60% by U.S. Government cannot be independent from other U.S. agencies like NSA etc.
I am sure this must be already discussed here somewhere but to what result?

At the moment, I don't trust Tor's anonymity to 100%, only to 40% ;)

But what is the truth in this matter?



last month

http://m.heise.de/ct/ausgabe/2013-20-Ge ... 93262.html

This tells me, forget about tor, when need for 100% privacy.
NSA and others are keeping most exit nodes.
That is why government pays tor.
As easy as this.


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