Using Tor Browser without being connected to TOR

last year

I'm mostly not doing anything that requires absolute privacy online, so I do not want to block up the TOR traffic with my everyday browsing.
I still hate being tracked on the web and would like to use the TOR browser because of it's configuration which is tuned to provide the server with as little information about me as possible.
For instance, I don't want my browser to provide the server with information about which operating system I'm using, what computer type i'm using, my location, all that stuff.

So my question is: Can I somehow get a firefox build that is exactly like the firefox build of the tor browser, without being configured to automatically connect to the TOR network?

Thanks for your help in advance!

last year

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Connection -> Settings

Choose "No proxy".

This makes Tor Browser (that is actually a Portable installation of Firefox) work without Tor connection.

last year

Thank you very much, that worked. I had to first disable the TOR Button and the TOR launcher in the Add-Ons Menu, but then it let me change the settings.


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