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last year

Hello , i want run an .onion forum , i want ask something , remember months ago when i discovery tor , hidden services , etc ... i found a guide where say need tor + privoxy .. now i found new guide here , https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-hid ... ce.html.en this guide don't mean anything about privoxy , its not important anymore ? also i need to rent a VPS for my forum which is better ? my prevision of forum success is this , around 100 users online , 30.000 users registers in total , 7k-8k visit a day , and now i don't know maybe 40.000 topics , 400.000 posts ( without a lot of images i know images suck a lot of memory from HDD ) ... my questions are ! with 1vCPU 1GB ram 20GB SSD 500GB traffic at 100Mbps its good for my forum ? also 20GB is enough for users - posts - topics ? its first time when i try to put an server online so i don't know how many memory need ... i think to use simple machine forum files !
xampp simple machine or its better to use ngix ? i read ngix its very light and its more faster in confront of xampp but i don't know ? what's your opinion ? thank so much ! i hope can clarify my doubts , sorry for my down english ...


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