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5 months ago

I was now looking through the net for some hours without finding any solution, so i decided to try it here now.
My Username is btw. true and i'm really new to tor and even this site so i dont know if this is the right part of the forum and i'm sorry if not.

so here is what i want to ask:
some days ago i browsed arround the normal net, u know, clicking links and stuff to see whats behind there and so on.
then i "suddenly" found a site very similiar to mentalzero (maybe u know that site) and i was just like "oh my... wtf?".
then i had to leave, so i closed my browser and shut down the pc.
when i returned and started my brwoser the website was still there but stated as "404 not found" - and the site where i clicked the link that opened the site was there too, so i clicked the link again and guess what? the site showed up! o.O
a few days later i tried the same thing again (i saved the link) and again "404 not found". <- that was the point where i tried the tor-browser, thought he could use that link, but no i gave me the same error..
so i tried to reconstruct the path of other sides i was before to get there - and again i found the site. (the link of that site on the top of browser was still the same and never changed)

now this is a few days ago and i wanted to show a buddy of mine that site.
but sadly i lost the saved link (cleaned up my desktop from unneeded .txt files) and was not able to recreate the path i had gone before.

now i'm not that interessted in finding that side again, i'm more interested in how that works...
so how could i have used the saved link to enter the site without recreating the path by clicking through various (advertising- and spam-)websites?

5 months ago

if ($_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"] == "http://another.site/") {

// everything OK, show content

} else {
header("404 Not Found");

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