Onion service w 2048/4096bit RSA privatekey, how to host it?

7 months ago

2048 bit RSA is proven to be more secure than 1024 bit, so with the help of Scallion
I have generated a pair of hidden service hostname + 2048 bit private key for it
(there were 1024b 2048b and 4096b options, I decided to choose the middle)

Now, I am trying to launch the hidden service, but some unknown reasons Tor is giving lots of errors.
It looks like Tor is trying to interpret my 2048 bit RSA private key as 1024 bit RSA key, and as result fails

Do you know, how to enable "2048-bit private key mode" of Tor hidden service hosting? If yes, how?
And is it possible? (although I am sure it is, because I noticed there were debates about implementing
2048-bit RSA support at 2011 year, probably since much time have passed this feature is already there)

2 weeks ago

Thread bump, because this issue is extremely important


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