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TOR as a network driver

  kurudi   2 months ago

Is it possible to have like a virtual network adapter that forces all the traffic via TOR?
So all the processes will see this as a network interface like the other ones, and everything will go through TOR in a comfortable and transparent way.

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  luipez   4 months ago

Ho la seguente domanda:
ho scaricato un file tramite Torbrowser, cliccando su di esso mi viene chiesto di aprire un sw esterno al Torbrowser.
Se avvio tale sw sono ancora in modalità anonima o no?

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Article limit exceeded

  mahadea   4 months ago

The other day when I clicked on a link in Google news to go to the newsweek site I got a message "you have exceeded your limit of 5 free articles a month". I was fine with not reading it but out of curiosity I fired up a tor browser session and tried that newsweek link and got the same me ...

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  Disco   6 months ago

I provide a Tor-Relay Server.
I have a questions regarding the Tor control protocol.
If i use "setevents orconn", i get a lot of Connections.
Mostly i get for a "New/Launched" message, then a "Connected" message and then a "Failed/Closed" ...

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Building Tor From Source File Error - Ubuntu Linux   last year

I am trying to build *.deb file from Tor source files. As I follow the instruction listed in the Tor's official site, I confront with an error. I don't understand what causes the error, therefore I cannot fix it.
Tor Officials site : ( I run Ubuntu ...

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Tor+debian jessie+obfs4+firewall

  giorgione   last year

excuse me for my horrible English.
I have a problem with the configuration of tor (torrc). I have a firewall that blocks all ports except 80 and 443. Tor works very well on a machine Windows 7 by the latest version of tor (download from your site ver.4.5.1), while in the same network, w ...

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Tor Browser : warning "This Connection is Untrusted"

  BrotherJohn   7 months ago

I'm currently a newbie user of Tor Browser (last build 4.5.3). I encountered a warning this day which I'm not sure whether I must ignore it or not.
[u]Context :[/u] I registered an email address at some email service that I believe is popular. Everything went smooth. (I must point ou ...

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Browser TOR 5.0.2 no function

  dino   5 months ago

Tor-Browser 5.0.2 funktioniert nicht mit Firefox 40.0.3
Seit der Überarbeitung von Tor-Browser 4.0.2 auf nunmehr 5.0.2
funktioniert Tor nicht mehr.
Als wenn Tor 5.0.2 sich "dummstellt", kann Tasten anklicken, es tut sich rein gar nichts. Wenn ich z. B. einen Begriff eingebe

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Some clarifications in arm tool

  Phentora   5 months ago

Hello everyone. I recently started using my RPi 2 as a Tor Relay and i have some issues that i would like to ask for advice and maybe some fixes if possible.
Before i get into any details, i would like you to know that i'm using the latest version of Raspbian Weezy. I also did apt-get update and ...

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Is this proof that my IP is hidden?

  John Cojones   4 months ago

Hi all, newbie here so please forgive me as I did a quick search but just need confirmation on this one subject.
I need to send a mail that the received cannot trace (don't worry, nothing illegal, hehehe) so I created an e-mail account and I am trying to use TOR to make sure that the recipient ...

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Tor Browser Bundle or TAILS ?

  Nobody   4 months ago

Hey Guys
I´am using the Tor Browser Bundle under Windows within Sandboxie ( I also use OpenDNSCrypt.
But some People in the DN say that it is not safe because I could be tracked and my real Ip
I that really true ?
They say I should better u

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Using Tor for online gaming?

  Louie   5 months ago

I want to have a different IP when playing multiplayer games, is it possible to use Tor for online gaming?

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Tor and Torguard, Torcache

  littleguy52   5 months ago

I've been using Tor successfully for a year or so, but in the last few days it's giving me trouble with websites with 'tor' in the address.
The PC with Tor connects via a VPN. I use to do what it says - has always worked until a few days
ago, now it time ...

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"something went wrong" screen

  rolanddd   4 months ago

Hello. Every time I use TOR, the "something went wrong" screen, with the big red "X" will open for a split second, barely long enough to see, before the green "congratulations you are configured to use tor" appears.
Does anybody know the significance of this? Is tha ...

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Tor Traces ?

  Nobody   5 months ago

I´am using the Tor Bundle (Windows)
I have any Questions:
Does the Tor Browser leave any Traces on my HDD ?
Is it normal that the To Browser changes the IP everytime i click to another Site ?
I always run Tor Browser within Sandboxie

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need some help

  illumi   5 months ago

so i just moved to swansea for my studies and i can't connect to the tor network. I'm using the university internet connection which requires a unique username and password for each student. all help is much appreciated. thanks

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How I can run multiple versions of TOR Browser?

  dimas   5 months ago

How I can run multiple versions of TOR Browser on my Windows 7 pc?

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Live streaming via tor?

  bobknoll   5 months ago

I'm trying to access live stream websites from tor but am unable to. It is unable to connect. For example, on, I've activated flash but that doesn't solve the problem. The chat managed to load when i didn't activate flash but the whole operation fails when i do.

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Multi Profile tor browser

  bidly   5 months ago

How To Make Multi Profile tor browser?

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problem after upgrade - 5.0.2

  taterp   5 months ago

Hi, I have big problem. After update from ver. 4.5 to 5.0.2 are pages
bad displayed. Are displayed without original formating,... Only text... One is from old version and one new
version. I tried some setting of the NoScript and nothing...
Where is problem? How can I solve this problem?? ...

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