Allow users on a hosting use their RSA keys

last month

Hi, I have two questions.
1) Supports Tor bigger RSA keys than 1024bit?
2) Then I was thinking about how hostings handle RSA keys, do they allow users use their own (to generate the .onion address) ? As I understand, if someone has the RSA private key and the owner of this private RSA key send it to a hosting, does he can use this private RSA key to reveal the hosting IP?

Thank you

last month

Hello, deep

I don't understand your second question. What kind of hosting are you talking about? Someone who doesn't let you know IP of your hosted site? Is this shared hosting? Or something like Blogger or Tumblr in *.onion zone? Or what?

Usually you buy VPS, log into it directly via ssh, install Tor there, and generate private keys by yourself. So you definitely know IP address of the hosting you bought.


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