Anything be Done about Fing Big Brother

3 months ago

So can anything be done about Big Brother getting their hands in everything? US Gov runs exit nodes, probably a lot. Defeats the purpose off the software.

Flush the nodes, start over? Only use trusted ones, somehow?? :oops:

3 months ago

i2p has a bit better design. Designed to stay secure even if all transit nodes are compromised, exept yours and destination.

Tor has still many nodes that are not belong to governments. Block USA & Canada in your default settings, or leave only exotic countries such as Cambodia or Tajikistan.

Use more than 3 nodes in a chain.

Use Tor only to access your (anonymously purchased) VPN. VPN should never know your real IP or anything about you. Use only bitcoins to buy it, "because they come from nothing". Use bitcoin laundry service before sending btc to VPS provider.

Taking netflow logs from any computer on the Internet is still a hard problem, even for NSA. So if you combine Tor with any other kind of proxy, or if there will be at least one Tor node that is not compromised - things are not so bad.


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