Article limit exceeded

last year

The other day when I clicked on a link in Google news to go to the newsweek site I got a message "you have exceeded your limit of 5 free articles a month". I was fine with not reading it but out of curiosity I fired up a tor browser session and tried that newsweek link and got the same message.
This left me puzzled- I thought newsweek's policy is based on number of accesses from an IP address- given that using the Tor browser my IP address is different why would I get the message again?

I repeat, I am not really trying to circumvent their policy- if I must read the article I can always go to the library or try from work or, even Panera! Just interested how it works.


last year

probably someone had the same idea as you had.

last year

Sorry, not sure I follow. Who do you mean by someone?


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