Bandwidth restrictions

last year

I have a non-exit tor node, it´s marked: Fast - Guard - HSDir - Named - Running - Stable - V2Dir - Valid
It´s been running for 30 days plus
It´s a Tor on a Debian 7 64-bit with 2 core CPU and 1 GB RAM
I have no restrictions in my conf file
The problem is that it never utilizes more than about 45% of my total bandwidth (100MBit/s both directions)
This machine is alone in the apartment so there is no competition for bandwidth

Is there a default bandwidth restriction?
What can I do to make it faster?

last year

It will never go faster than other nodes in a chain (circuit).

last year

Okey I am not using the node myself, no one is, it´s configured as a relay only

Tor Atlas says Advertised Bandwidth: 5.24 MB/s <- this seems to be the limit for the relay
I have theoretically 12.5 MB/s at my disposal

How can I raise my advertised bandwidth?


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