BBC website getting my real location?

3 months ago

I've been using TOR to connect to the BBC television iPlayer for months and it's been working perfectly. However, yesterday I received a new modem from my ISP (in the US) and suddenly the iPlayer is blocking me based on my location. I've not changed any settings in Vidalia so I have no idea what is causing this. Could is possibly be the modem?

* The modem is a modem/router combo unit Arris DG860

3 months ago

We need more details.
Do you use same browser for Tor / Non-Tor? Could there be some cookies, swf-shared object etc left from "normal" browsing?
Did you strict exit nodes to these from Great Britain only?
Have you tried switching exit node several times?
Does Tor Check says "Yes, you are actually using Tor, your IP is ... " (some IP from UK)?

It seems, that modem drivers changed default routing table or somehow broke Vidalia and now you are browsing Internet normally while being thinking you are still using Tor.

3 months ago

Thanks for the reply, here's some additional info:

I'm using TOR Browser Bundle under Windows 7 that I use specifically for BBC while I use IE/FireFox for my non-BBC browsing and for work.

My config file uses:

StrictNodes 1
ExitNodes TorLand1,TorLand2 (both of those have been working for a long time)

When I use an IP checking service, it shows that I have a UK IP address, which is making me even more puzzled.

An interesting other thing is that if I use the TBB under OSX (where I do not have Flash installed) I get the same effect, so I'm thinking that it's not Flash exactly?

3 months ago

Also - when I check my location under Google Maps it shows me as being in the United States.

3 months ago

Can you access *.onion domains?

7 months ago

Its not your new hardware. I had bee using iPlayer with Tor for several years. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago it stopped working. The BBC site has somehow found a way to get the 'real' IP address. I don't know how the new player works and whether it still uses Flash.


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