Can a tor server own me?

3 months ago

Can i get hacked by one tor node/server i am using?
All the packages that i recieve send run through the nodes, i guess someone would just have to modify/change the packages i am receiving.
I think hat the tor software will deny that possibility but would it be possible for a node owner to modify tors software so that he can inject malicious packets?

3 months ago

Tor encrypts traffic between you and Exit Relay.
After Exit Relay the traffic travels as-is, without any additional security.

So every Exit Relay can (and many of them actually do) view and even modify everything that comes between you and target server. Everything.

Fortunately we have simply answer for that: Always use SSL! As far as you access your site via https:// not http://, Exit Node have no access to your data. The only way to decrypt transit SSL traffic is to replace end-point SSL Certificate with the one generated by hacker, but this will cause your browser to throw a warning message about "potentially dangerous connection".


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