can the exit node read the passwords i type in cleantext?

last year

I mean by that the passwords i type in the fields when i login to a forum for example.

Also i have one more general question.
Is there any risk using tor browser on my host machine?
I mean the tor nodes must be sending traffic back to my machine right??
If there are some Nodes owned by adverseries could they spread malware like that?

8 months ago

push, becauseit is a very important topic!!

8 months ago

If the site uses HTTPS (as shown by the little lock icon, you know the drill) this protects your password just as it would when browsing the web normally. If the site does not use HTTPS, then YES the exit node can read your password. I'm not aware of any particular reports of people having accounts compromised this way, but it's a risk. But again, HTTPS sites should be safe.

8 months ago

Ok thanks you i will keep on using only certain exit nodes then.


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