How to log into various websites via Tor

8 months ago

In some websites if I try to login via Tor after the user name and password are entered the page just reloads to the login page again. If I disable "NoScript" I can log in.

My question is what specific part of NoScrip causes this, how do I disable this and what does this mean for my anonymity.

Thank you.

7 months ago

Presumably that means the login process relies on Javascript. Allowing scripts doesn't directly compromise your anonymity, but it does give a hostile website a greater "foothold" in your browser which would make it easier to target you with some type of software exploit. Unfortunately, this isn't just theoretical, it really happened on Freedom Hosting.

If you must use a website that requires Javascript, my advice is to use Whonix for an extra layer of protection. But it all depends on how careful you want to be. For instance if you're doing anything your government wouldn't like, obviously you better be darn careful. But if it's merely embarrassing or you just want privacy on general principle, this isn't a big risk.


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