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Sorry, lot of Idiot questions coming up.

I'm trying to install the browser, but I'm useless with Network, Proxy etc. stuff; I downloaded the 3.5 bundle, and I've looked for "How To's" on installation, but can only seem to find stuff for older versions.

I run the .EXE, it unpacks and then says finishing install and goes to window asking if your computer is "clear of obstacles" or "Censored etc.", OK, so I use cable broadband which I would presume is Censored, so I click the relative button and it takes me to a page where I need to fill in my Machine's network settings, which is where I'm falling down, because as I say, I'm crap at network stuff, I kind of know what I'm looking for and where to look, I.E. internet options, connections, LAN settings, and nothing's filled in apart from the port number, 80, I also looked in the Waterfox browser settings and there's not much there either, apart from "Use System Proxy Settings" is checked, the SOCKS 5 button is checked, then in the box at the bottom it says "No Proxy for localhost,", but I presume it uses a proxy, but I get really confused with this stuff.

Plus, I need to know do I need to put in my own IP number ?; As I say sorry for the Dumb, I should know questions, but I really want to be able to use Tor if it gives me the chance to have a bit of the internet like it used to be, without feeling like I've got some disapproving nanny telling me what I can and cannot look at.

So if anyone could just let me know what goes where, and where to find it, I would be eternally grateful.

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Type: SOCKS5
Port: 9050

That's default Tor settings.

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It sounds like you're making it too hard. The Tor Browser Bundle designed to be user-friendly. The correct way to approach this is to leave everything in the default setting unless you know you need to change it. And if it works great! If not, only then should you go back and mess with the settings.

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Ok, maybe I am making it too hard, ( my middle name is Paranoia ), it's just I wouldn't trust my ISP to tell me the right time of day, let alone trust it to leave me to install this without interfering in some way.

So, just hit Connect, "And if it works great!" as you say ?.

Thanks for the replies by the way.

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Yeah pretty much. Though there is one thing I disagree with the Tor people about as far as default settings. It comes with NoScript installed, but switched off (set to "allow globally"). I always switch it to "forbid globally". This does break some websites, but JS is such a big potential attack vector it's worth it, in my opinion.

And I don't blame you not trusting your ISP, but unless you live in China or someplace like that, I think it's unlike they will actively interfere with Tor. Monitoring is another matter, but defeating that is almost the whole point of Tor; not need to change the settings.


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