strange network glitches for a bridge, any ideas?

5 months ago

i'm running a relay\published bridge for awhile, nothing spectacular - adsl channel < 1mbps, linux, tor, privoxy & all.
it was running mostly harmless for a year or something like this.

last week or may be 10 days, i've got a continuous repeatable network glitches i could'nt explain, that my adsl-modem regularly went unresponsive (no ping, no routing).
i was playing with hw and network equipment - changed every piece of hw 2 times. unless i discoveded a horrybly huge numbers on RX packets from modem statistics - zillions of rx packets, the difference between in and out was billion times in no time.
The situation reproduced quite regularly, until i've changed ORport and unlisted my bridge.

Does someone got anything like this?

For me it looks like some kind of (D)DoS on listed bridges. Unfortunately, i cannot prove it by more specific data, but i'll try to build a span-port setup inhouse and try to make some cap-files to analyse more carefully.


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