Tor at School!!!

5 months ago

Hi, this is the second time in writing this post but lol. Anyways I want to use Tor at school but i'm blocked at "establishing an encrypted directory connection." School has given us Mac Airs and has a two location function. Home and School.

Home: no proxy

School: Auto Proxy Discovery and Bypass proxy: : "" xxx is for my privacy.

Tried to use bridged but I am still stuck on the same "establishing an encrypted directory connection error".

I went onto the next page where it asks for Local Proxy Configuration and I was wondering whether or not I have to fill out that info. I know the proxy is http or https but I don't know the proxy address, proxy port or if I need a username and password. Anyways any help would be great!!!!

5 months ago

FIXED: I followed this website ... 1031033128

I entered the proxy address and the port into the Local Proxy Configuration screen and it connected to Tor.


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