tor wont start

2 months ago

i downloaded the older tor and now the new one. im not great with computers but it never gave me a a hard time. im running windows eight and after i extract the file nd start tor a window pops up and says

error platform version 10.0.10 is not compatable with minversion >17.0.9

please help, it never gave e this problem before

i do have mcafee antivirus on, i don't know if that changes anything. thanks

2 months ago

Have you ever tried Tor on Windows 8 before? Mb it's just not compatible?

2 months ago

Of there's always That's an easy way to get on. It's a dedicated Tor Router and you can anonymize several devices at once through its wireless access point. I use it because I just got tired of trying to find a way to get my iPad, iPhone and a few desktops on Tor. I don't have to install anything that way.
Maybe that helps... good luck!


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