Torchat: Make it use tor

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What is torchat ?

Torchat is a python based chat software that uses the tor networks internal .onion services to communicate. Its the safest option out there when it comes to anonymity.



Windows ...

Debian/ubuntu ... .9.553.deb

Source (for other systems) ...

What is this guide for ?

Torchat is not maintained as much as it could be hoped. Which is not a problem as such, the problem is that torchat includes a small version of tor, ( But tor gets updated alot more often than torchat, so the internal tor in torchat is very outdated and have not been given the latest security patches made by the tor team.

This guide will allow you to install tor by your own and use that version of tor for your torchat and not its internal version of tor.

The guide:

1: Install tor and torchat

2: Start torchat to get your nickname.

3: Shutdown torchat.

4: Go to /home/username/.torchat/

Open torchat.ini

Change the "tor_portable" settings to match the settings made by tor.

Normally socksport is 9050 and controlport 9051.

5: Go to home/username/.torchat/Tor/hidden_service

6: open the file "hostname". Copy its content to a file. (Could be the line below this one). Save the file.

7: Open the file "private_key" CUT its content to a file. (Could be the line below this one). This file needs to be empty. Save the file.

8: Go to /etc/tor/torrc

Add the following line anywere in the file:
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service_tc/
HiddenServicePort 11009

Save the file.

9: Restart tor with the command "service tor restart"

10: Go to



Edit the file "hostname" remove its content and replace it with your nickname from step. 6

Save the file

12: Go

Edit the file "private_key" remove its content and replace it with your nickname from step. 7

Save the file

Restart tor with "service tor restart"

14: start torchat. Now it will use your up to date tor instead of the outdated build in version of tor.

To do list:

The above guide will change torchat so it uses the up to date tor version that you install on your system. But the torchat version of tor still starts, its not used for anything. So its no danger. But i would like to remove it completely. If you got any ideas on that, please let me know.

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Thanks for posting this.

I'm not very technical, so I'm using the Tor Browser Bundle. The above instructions I think are based on installing Tor on your hard drive instead of using the Tor browser bundle.

Is there any way to make TorChat safe with the Tor Browser Bundle? Or do you have to install Tor on hard drive instead of browser bundle?

I read online somewhere that you can replace the Tor.exe inside Torchat with an updated Tor.exe and then it will work, but I'm sure where to find a Tor.exe. Not sure that will work either.

Any help?


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