Transparent proxy improvement using haproxy load balancer?

5 months ago

I want to know if isn't a good idea to use many instances of TOR and load balancing them through haproxy.
I've tested here.. I ran 20 TOR instances (20 socks5 ports) and load balanced them through haproxy. Haproxy give me one socks5 port, e.g: 9080, and each time a connection goes through that port, i had a different TOR IP address. I also set up torrc MaxCircuitDirtness to 180s (this changed the ip of each TOR instance 3 in 3 minutes).
In one hour, I received 156 different ips (using a loop calling on terminal).
I saw people using this to run web crawling codes.
Isnt that a good a idea to use on a transparent proxy (or on a system wide proxy) to improve stream isolation?
Sorry, my english is bad. Thanks.


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