Using Tor for online gaming?

4 months ago

I want to have a different IP when playing multiplayer games, is it possible to use Tor for online gaming?

3 months ago

All Tor Exit nodes are usually banned. But you can try, anyway.

If your game client supports proxy, find in settings something like Connectivity, Connection, PROXY, Data roaming, ...etc. Then open Tor Browser Network connection settings, and copy SOCKS Host and Port from there.
Usually, Host =, Port = 9050, but your settings may be different.

If your game client doesn't support proxy, you can proxify or soxify (google) it manually. Or put your game client inside virtualbox, and route all it's traffic via Tor. This is the most complicated way, but it will definitely work, as long as your game client doesn't use anti-VM tricks.

3 months ago

10 min ip change rythm might be problematic as well. maybe a vpn after tor helps. besides that civilisation or chess might work well.


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